Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Do you wish you could learn that song you always wanted to play?

Here at Learn What You Want, you can learn the skills of playing guitar with our guitar lessons in Melbourne.

Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Melbourne Guitar Lesson

At Learn What You Want, We specialise in teaching and working with beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar students. Here, the idea is to learn what you want. Whether you want to learn acoustic, bass, electric, or classical guitar or even want to learn singing or song writing, we have got you covered. Our guitar lessons Melbourne are based at our tailor-made Vermont facility welcome to students of all ages and from all suburbs.

Our guitar lessons in Melbourne are taught by teachers with years of training and experience as performers as well as instructors. We get you started on the road to your musical performance journey. Our guitar lessons Melbourne take your ambitions and desires and shape them into achievable goals. In order to do this, we take careful consideration of your circumstance and provide you with a personalised training program. You will benefit from our regular one-on-one guitar lessons Melbourne and the pace of learning is set according to you.

Learn What You Want teaches you the methods and techniques to improve and develop your guitar skills. With our guitar lessons in Melbourne, you can be playing famous riffs and solos, overcome your challenges and move onto the next level of your performance. Our facility provides a relaxed and inspiring environment where you can feel at ease when learning music. Parents are also welcome to stay and watch their child undertake a lesson. Get started now with our affordable guitar lessons Melbourne by simply contacting Learn What You Want today.


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  • Beginners Guitar Lessons

    Always dreamed of learning to play the guitar? Are you just curious and want to see if it’s something you might be interested in? Learn What You Want is an excellent place to start.

  • Intermediate Guitar Lessons

    You’ve been playing the guitar for a while and you don’t seem to be improving. Or you appear to be stuck on some part of your playing. At Learn What You Want, you can take your playing to the next level.

  • Bass Guitar Lessons

    Bass gives any great song its rhythmic and harmonic foundations. It’s the natural partner to a drummer’s beat and gives a great song its “pulse”. If you want to learn the skills to play the bass guitar and deliver its mesmerising effects with real skill, then we can get you underway.

  • Advanced Guitar Lessons

    You’ve been playing guitar for some time now; or you jam regularly; or you play live gigs; or you’re a session musician. There are plenty of great guitar players out there. Get to new heights with your guitar playing.